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My beautiful lady, kiss my jelly.

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Then the pig brother made a phone call to Nalanyi, and when he called, he began to be cheap again. He did not talk to Nalanyi about the vote, but very cheap to ask people's measurements. At that time, Nalanyi hung up his phone and called me and said, "Wang Yue, who told you to tell someone about my phone?" "Brother Pig said he had something to do with you." I am very helpless to the pig brother's cheap. "Oh." Nalanyi sneered and hung up my phone. She seemed to be angry. Then the pig brother was a little angry and said to us, "This Nalanyi, she is too pretentious.". Isn't it just to tease her? What's there to be angry about. Wang Yue is not as good as me. She has such a good relationship with Wang Yue. I'm much better than Wang Yue, and she looks down on me. "Really? Didn't she bother me to call her?". After a while, I sold her phone number for a hundred yuan, and there must be plenty of people to buy it. Brother Pig said. "Don't be a bitch, Brother Pig." After listening to the words of the pig brother, I am also a little angry. Nalanyi is my thigh. If he makes my thigh run away, no amount of money can make up for it. Seeing that I was angry, Brother Pig was not cheap. He smiled and said to me, "Wang Yue,Carrara Marble Slab, I'm teasing you. You are so mean to me. Can I sell phones?". But I made her angry, and I want to apologize to her, or she will not vote for Chen Tao. You can help me ask her out tonight, and I'll invite her to dinner. "Yes." Nodding, my face is not very good. "Wang Yue, someone is looking for you downstairs." Suddenly, a boy came into our dormitory and said to me. "Well?" I was stunned when I heard someone looking for me. "It's a beautiful girl. Go and have a look. It seems to be your object." The boy said and left. "My grass!" After listening to the boy's words,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the eyes of all the people in our dormitory were wide open. Chapter 231 the secret of Nalanyi. And I, looking at their surprised eyes, my heart is filled with an indescribable feeling. Who could it be? Could it be Tang Yuxin? Thinking of this, I quickly ran out of the dormitory. When I ran downstairs to the dormitory, I moved very fast. I was so nervous that I thought if it was Tang Yuxin, it would surprise me. Tang Yuxin came to see me, which is the first point of my happiness. She is a great beauty, and she will help me pretend when she comes to see me, which is the second point of my happiness. Although I keep a low profile in school, I am still eager to pretend. Then I rushed directly out of the dormitory building and saw a small and beautiful girl standing downstairs waiting for me. Wearing the camouflage uniform of our military training, her petite body looks very attractive. Her face was white, and her big eyes were blinking gently, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Marble Granite Price, clear and bright, as if she could speak. Her mouth is very small, slightly warped, you can see that this is a girl with a little temper. Then when she saw me, she kicked me with a flat mouth. "Wang Yue, what do you mean? We are still fellow-townsmen. How many days have we been in a university? You don't know to come to me.". Are you so awesome now that you look down on me and don't care about my deskmate? It's Lin Shanshan. Looking at her angry appearance, although I did not see Tang Yuxin a little disappointed, but the heart is still very happy. Then I smiled and held her gently in my arms and said, "Good sister, how could I forget you?"? I'm too busy to look for you these days. "Come on, are you busy chasing after girls?" Lin Shanshan pushed me angrily. "Huh?" I asked. Who is the beauty who is always with you these days? I have seen you together. She has a good temperament. Do you like her again? Lin Shanshan questioned me. "No!" I quickly shook my head. While speaking, the brothers in our dormitory also ran out to see it.
Except for Xiaowu who has a partner in his hometown, they have no partner at all. Then they were curious about what kind of partner I would find as the poorest and most vulnerable student in my class. When they saw Lin Shanshan's slightly raised mouth, they were all dumbfounded. Brother pig, he couldn't help saying, "Wang Yue's object is actually a little beauty.". Besides, she is a little beauty with a little temper, a little pepper type. "Are they your classmates?" Seeing the pig brother praised her as a little beauty, Lin Shanshan asked me with a happy expression. Yes, we are Wang Yue's classmates, and we are good brothers in the same dormitory. My surname is Zhu, and I look a little like a pig. You can call me Brother Pig. Brother pig likes to be in the limelight, so he hurried over to introduce himself. "Hello, Brother Pig." Lin Shanshan smiled because he praised her and she had a good impression of Brother Pig. "Little beauty, white blind, you are such a beautiful girl, should find a rich ah, how can you find Wang Yue?" Brother pig sighed. "Wang Yue, doesn't he have any money?" After listening to Brother Pig's words, Lin Shanshan asked in surprise. She knew I was rich, and very rich. Now I have been able to compare with many big bosses in Jincheng, and all the people who come and go together are big bosses. Wang Yue, he is the poorest student in our class. You're so good that you don't dislike him. Brother Pig said. “……………… After listening to Brother Pig's words, Lin Shanshan looked at me and her face changed. Before, we went to Liancheng to play together, and then I kept a low profile and didn't pretend. Lin Shanshan looked at me for a while and thought I was going to pretend again, and then she didn't tell them my identity. Then we chatted for a while, and the pig brother pushed me aside, and we walked around the school with Lin Shanshan. Turn, pig brother has been cheap funny,white marble slabs, Lin Shanshan laugh straight, see Lin Shanshan smile, pig brother's expression is very beautiful. 。


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